(July 8, 2022) iCLA Information on the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) for Degree-Seeking Students

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Travel Restrictions to Japan

(Updated on July 8, 2022)

The Japanese Government announced reviewed border measures from June 2022.


International students are permitted to enter Japan under the supervision of the university.

We will include the necessary documents for visa application in the welcome package for new incoming students from abroad. Please proceed to apply for a visa upon receiving the documents.

Under the current measures, self-quarantine after arrival may still be required depending on the student’s country/region and vaccination status. iCLA will send the detailed information via email. Please make sure to check your email for information sent from the university and if a response is required, we kindly ask you to reply as promptly as possible.

We sincerely appreciate your understanding as we work to ensure everyone’s travel to Japan is as smooth as possible.

Prevention against the Spread of COVID-19

(Updated on July 8, 2022)

Yamanashi Prefecture requests the following measures to prevent the spread of infection. The period and details of the current request for cooperation may change depending on the forthcoming situation: https://www.pref.yamanashi.jp.e.aao.hp.transer.com/koucho/coronavirus/info_coronavirus_emergencymeasures20.html (English)

In line with Yamanashi prefecture’s requests, the iCLA Administrative Office would like to urge everyone to observe the following measures to minimize the risk of spread of infection and ensure the health and safety of everyone in the community.

  • Please follow basic infection control measures such as wearing a mask, hand washing and disinfecting hands, avoiding crowded places, maintaining physical distance, and providing sufficient ventilation. During the winter, regular ventilation is often neglected due to heating usage, so be sure to ventilate regularly (once every 30 minutes).
  • Please avoid places with the “Three C’s”: crowded, closed spaces, and close-contact settings. In addition, please refrain from using restaurants and other places where infection control measures are not thoroughly implemented.
  • Please refrain from having meals with a large number of people and where no basic infection prevention measures are conducted. When having meals, please avoid using facilities that do not have basic infection prevention measures. Instead, we recommend that you utilize facilities that have received certification having being recognized as conforming to the prevention measure standards set by Yamanashi prefecture (Green Zone Certification System) as well as observe the infection prevention rules established by the facilities.
  • For smartphone users, we request everyone to use the contact confirmation application (COCOA) that shows the possibility of contact with an infected person.
    Download the COVID-19 Contact-Confirming Application (COCOA) smartphone app:
    Apple – App Store
    Android – Google Play

General information about the coronavirus in Yamanashi is available in multiple foreign languages through the links below:

We ask for your ongoing understanding and cooperation to minimize the risk of spread of infection and ensure the health and safety of everyone in the community.

Medical Services 

It is to be noted that, in many of the medical institutions in Japan, especially those around the university campus, it is highly unlikely that medical services will be available in a foreign language. There are no hospitals where medical services can be provided in English nor Chinese and university staff will not be able to provide medical interpretation. We would appreciate your kind understanding on this matter.

  1. If a student is not feeling well prior to departure to Japan: 

Please check the student’s respective Government’s policy as well as the respective Japanese Embassy/Japanese Consulate’s official home page (if no relevant information is available on home page, contact directly) and follow travel procedures accordingly. Contact iCLA immediately to inform of the student’s health situation and updated travel plans.

  1. If a student is not feeling well after departure from respective country and arrival in Japan:

Inform the Immigration Services Agency at the port of entry into Japan (e.g. Narita AirportHaneda Airport) and follow instructions directly provided. Contact iCLA immediately to inform of student’s health situation and instructions received from the immigration authorities.

  1. If a student is not feeling well after entering Japan and en route to iCLA:

Immediately inform iCLA so advice can be provided on necessary actions to take.

Telephone: 055-224-1350

Email: icla.contact@ygu.ac.jp


iCLA Administrative Office


TEL: 055-224-1350

Visit the following links for the latest information:

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan


Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare


Yamanashi Prefectural Office