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We want you to enjoy your stay at iCLA. Comfortable and affordable on-campus student accommodation is available to all students. As both international students and Japanese students reside together in our accommodations, there are plenty of opportunities for building global friendships.

Living spaces within the accommodations are separated between individual rooms and common areas, with several facilities to share like mini kitchen, shower rooms, and toilets. Each floor of the residence halls contains three units, and each of those units comprise of the common facilities and eight private rooms. Residents will also have access to a laundry room at all times of the day.

Our student accommodations are designed so you can find a balance between privacy and social life that best suits your own lifestyle.

Private Room (6.5 meters sq. [70.0 square ft.]) Shared Facilities of Each Unit
Bed frame Mini Kitchen
Desk and chair Toilet (2)
Bookshelf Shower (2)
Clothing rack Bathroom sink (2)
Air Conditioner
Wi-Fi Access

(Wired LAN connection unavailable)

Rental Goods Available
Futon Bedding, Mini-Fridge, Bicycle

Residence halls are also connected directly to the iCLA building for convenient access to our classrooms. Numerous convenience stores, cafes, and restaurants are located close by.


We have a spacious cafeteria providing meal services to students and staff. Students residing in our student accommodation are enrolled in a meal plan, where health-conscious and delicious meals are served three times a day on weekdays. On our meal plan, each meal is easy and cashless so you can focus on enjoying good food with good friends.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
8:00am – 9:00am 11:30am – 1:00pm 6:00pm – 8:00pm
1,833 JPY per weekday (3 meals)

iCLA aims to accommodate every student’s dietary needs and restrictions in the meal plan. For students whose dietary restrictions we unfortunately cannot provide for, we have a spacious studio kitchen in the cafeteria with capacity for several students to cook at once.


For students who would like extra help on their language studies, we have a Language Acquisition Center in the iCLA building. LAC is split between the Language Media Center and the Reading Center. Inside the Language Media Center are computers and various digital materials to assist with individual language learning. At our Reading Center, students have access to an extensive library of English and Japanese language reading material.


Yamanashi Gakuin University hosts large-scale school festivals twice a year where student clubs and local shop vendors set up booths to sell merchandise and festival foods. This is a chance for students to showcase their talents, as there are many performances and exhibits by students to be enjoyed. Many local residents also come by to join in on the festivities. Dressing up in summer yukata for the university’s Tanabata event is especially popular with students.

iCLA also hosts its own department-wide events throughout the year. We are always welcoming new event ideas from students, so don’t hesitate to let us know!


We have many student clubs, both sports and arts-related. Joining a club is a great opportunity for domestic students and international students to get to know one another. New students typically join clubs at the start of the academic year in April, but many clubs welcome new members all year round. Examples of clubs include the Photography Club, Animation Club, Ski Club, Kendo Club, and many more.

We have a wide range of university clubs, so there’s something for everyone. If not, start your own club!

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