Transfer Students

Entry Requirement as a Transfer Student:

You can apply as a transfer student if you:

  • Have been enrolled at another higher education institution for at least 1 year and
  • Have been taught in English and
  • Have earned, or expect to earn, at least 27 credits by the end of March for Spring admission, or by the end of August for the Fall admission

Credit Transfer

You are able to transfer credits toward iCLA graduation requirements on the following basis:

  • Up to 36 credits for students transferring in as a second year student.
  • Up to 60 credits for students transferring in as a third year student.
  • You will be placed in an academic year based upon the total number of credits approved by the Admissions Committee.

Application Process

Students applying as international transfer students should follow the process outlined for international students.

As part of the application for transfer students through our online system, you will be required to upload the following additional documents to assess credit transfer:

・Official academic transcript from your current institution
・Syllabi for all courses listed in your transcript*
・A list of courses you are taking in the current semester (if applicable) and predicted grades for courses still in progress

*Please check that course codes and semester dates in the syllabi match the courses listed your transcript. If the code or semester listing differs, please submit a letter from your institution confirming that the course you took matches the submitted syllabus.

If any information is missing we may request that you submit additional documentation to complete the credit transfer assessment.

For full details of the application procedure and requirements for transfer students, please check our application guideline.