Within the major of Global Business and Economics the course offerings allow students to choose between a more applied (Global Business) emphasis and a more social-science oriented (Economics) emphasis. Both are embedded in a liberal arts approach that stresses the humane point of view, criticality, social responsibility and intellectual depth. Students take a minimum number of foundation courses in both business and economics, so as to acquire a good grounding in basic theory and knowledge of the real world, before they go on to build, with much flexibility, a major most suited to their individual interests and possible career inclinations.

Why study Global Business and Economics

Business and economic activities are an important part of modern life. Complex, challenging and rewarding, these often highly specialized activities take place within certain cultural, social and legal contexts. Participants of these activities, either as professionals in the field or intelligent citizens in other fields, stand much better chances of success in their chosen career paths if they are equipped with relevant advanced training through focused studies, and with a broad knowledge base that helps them to understand the contexts.

What will I study?

Students who choose the major will take business courses typically offered in an undergraduate business program, and economics courses taught in the social science tradition. Because some of these courses require quantitative skills, students in the major also take courses in mathematics, statistics and research methods. These courses are then supplemented by a required number of other liberal arts courses chosen with broad freedom from the other disciplines.

Some of the sub-areas we offer courses in include:

  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing
  • Corporate Finance
  • Economic Growth
  • History of Economic Thought
  • International Trade & Globalization
  • Japanese Economy & Business
  • International Business

What can I do next?

Typically, majors upon graduation either go on to careers in business and management, or they continue with studies at the graduate level to acquire qualifications required for teaching and research. They find positions in corporations, government, international agencies; or they may choose to start their own businesses. As our college trains students with an international outlook, through its overseas exchange programs and emphasis on the English language, our graduates are very globally employable.