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Augsburg University

Study in a city safer and more beautiful than any other in all of America.

A liberal arts college affiliated with the Lutheran Church, Augsburg University is located in the beautiful city of Minneapolis, Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes. A school particularly strong in business, management, and marketing.

Flagler College

Study Media in Gorgeous Florida!

One of the best colleges in the southeastern United States, Flagler College is located on 19 acres of beautiful land in a historic district of Florida. Home to a community-run radio station and an award-winning student newspaper, it’s a great place to go for any budding international media professional.

College of St. Scholastica

A college where you can reliably improve through a system of small class sizes.

A private Catholic institution with a 109-year history, the College of St. Scholastica is located in the summer resort city of Duluth, Minnesota, the birthplace of Bob Dylan. Class sizes are small, with more than half having fewer than twenty students.

Hamline University

Minnesota’s first institution of higher education.

Located in the city of St. Paul, Minnesota, birthplace of Charles Schultz, creator of Snoopy, Hamline University was the first institution of higher education in the state. Hamline has been particularly focused on women’s education since its founding in 1854. More than 60% of its 2000 undergraduate students are women.

Warren Wilson College (WWC)

A private liberal arts college located in Asheville, North Carolina.

The WWC campus is surrounded by beautiful mountains, forests and rivers in NC. WWC has a strong curriculum that mixes academics, work, and service, allowing students to have practical hands-on experience both inside and outside of the classroom. The 10-1 student to faculty ratio also promotes close and friendly relationships.

Southern Oregon University

The place to be if you enjoy connecting your studies with nature.

Southern Oregon University is located in Ashland, a place rich in nature and was selected as a top 10 finalist in Outside magazine's search for the "Best Town in America". There are numerous clubs and outdoor activities in which you can join and do, providing an exciting student life.

State University of New York at Oswego

Upstate New York’s premier public school

Founded in 1861, SUNY Oswego is a public college that is a member of the State University of New York. It offers more than 100 academic programs and consists of four colleges and schools: College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, School of Business, School of Education, and School of Communication, Media and the Arts.

Florida International University

Florida – the sunshine state of USA.

Florida International University (FIU) is in the coastal city of Miami, home to beautiful beaches and Latin-American cultural influences. Exchange students can settle in comfortably with guidance from a FIU student in the buddy program, and socialize with others at monthly organized events like baseball matches and movie sessions.

Westminster College

Founded in 1851, Sir Winston Churchill delivered his historic “Iron Curtain Speech” at this college.

Located in Fulton, Missouri, Westminster College is a liberal arts college with stately Greek architecture and lush greenery. The campus is widely known as the place where Sir Winston Churchill delivered his “Iron Curtain Speech” in 1946. Its National Churchill Museum serves as an educational resource for Westminster's Museum Studies major, which is one of approximately 30 majors and 40 minors offered at the College.

University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Study in an education hub on the East Coast.

Established in 1895, UMass Dartmouth has evolved from its textile roots into a comprehensive, nationally ranked research university that offers an array of highly regarded academic programs. With a dedication to engaged learning and innovative research, it serves as a critical engine of social mobility in the South of Massachusetts, resulting in lifelong student success.


St. Francis Xavier University

A university in Eastern Canada with a wide Humanities curriculum for you to study.

Situated in the Nova Scotia province by the Atlantic Ocean, St. Francis Xavier University (SFXU) is a large university of 5000 students. SFXU offers a curriculum catering to a wide range of concentrations including Art, Literature, Economics, Modern Language Studies, Music (including Jazz Studies), Social Sciences and Philosophy.

York University

York University is the third largest university in Canada with over 55,000 students.

Boasting in size as well as history, York University is a large public research university located in Toronto that has gained national and international recognition through impressive school rankings such as those in law and film. It even has 300 partner universities around the world.

Acadia University

Study at one of the most beautiful and oldest Liberal Arts Colleges in Canada.

Founded in 1838, Acadia is one of the oldest Liberal Arts colleges in Canada. The campus, known for its natural beauty, has plenty of options for on-campus accommodations. In addition to a variety of Humanities courses, a range of Physics and Mathematics courses are also offered.


Universidad Panamericana (UP)

UP is a private Catholic university located in Mexico City and Guadalajara.

Originally a business school founded by wealthy businessmen, UP was created as the prelature of the Catholic church, and was elevated to the rank of university in 1978. Today, UP continues its goal of teaching, research, and transmission of culture.


Iceland University of the Arts, Department of Music

Study music in Iceland, one of the world’s most beautiful and unique countries.

Situated in the capital Reykjavik, the Department of Music at the Iceland University of the Arts focuses on musical composition, performance, education and communication. Iceland has a strong arts scene with internationally renowned musicians, designers, film makers and game developers.

United Kingdom

University of Aberdeen

The third oldest university in Scotland, established in 1495.

While respecting its more than 500 years of history, the curriculum has undergone bold modernizing changes to make it an international university on par with Harvard, Yale, and institutions in Melbourne and Hong Kong.

University of Sussex

Study at a well-known university ranked number 160th worldwide.

The University of Sussex is located near Brighton, in southern England. Situated on a large, green campus on the South Downs, it is the most beautiful university in the Brighton area. With faculty and staff hailing from more than 100 countries, and with graduate students comprising more than one-quarter of its total 16,000 students, it is a high-level university.

University of Hertfordshire

An academically strong university just 25 minutes north of London by train.

University of Hertfordshire provides a range of English workshops and one-to-one study sessions throughout the year to support international students. Students in the Business School have the option of taking Japanese language classes, so iCLA students missing home may find the opportunity of conversing with a Japan-loving friend.


Aalborg University, Faculty of Humanities

A wide-ranging Danish university possessing solid interdisciplinary cooperation.

A young university established in 1974, Aalborg University boasts high rankings within the top 2% of world's universities despite its short history. Aalborg prides itself on interdisciplinary co-operation. Study at the Faculty of Humanities and choose courses from Economics, IT, Communication and New Media, in addition to numerous other subject areas.

University of Southern Denmark, Faculty of Business and Social Sciences

A fast growing university with more than 27,000 students, of which nearly 20% are from abroad.

There are over 67 programs taught in English providing non-Danish speaking students the opportunity to study a wide breadth of subjects in various departments in English. The university boasts five campus cities including a campus in the third-largest city in Denmark, Odense.


University of Duisburg-Essen, Faculty of Social Sciences

Interact with German students of the Japanese language.

At this university located near CentrO, Germany's largest mall, in Oberhausen, there are many Germans taking Japanese as their field of study. You will be introduced to a new and, perhaps, a more objective perspective on Japan.

Constructor University Bremen

A university in the industrial city of Bremen.

At this new university, founded in 1999, all instruction is in English. With only 1,500 students, it is a small, cozy private university. With the incredible ratio of one faculty member to every 19 students, you can be sure that you will receive the support you need to thrive.

Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society University of Applied Sciences

Located in the industrial city of Ludwigshafen on the banks of the Rhine.

LUAS is a university with an established reputation for high-quality education in the field of business as well as research. With courses on China and Japan, this university is the site of energetic international student exchange programs with Japanese universities.

Hamburg University of Applied Sciences

Study in one of the Top 20 most livable cities in the world!

Formerly known as Fachhochschule Hamburg, the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences was founded in 1970 and is the second-largest university in Hamburg with a student body of over 17,000. Each exchange student at HAW Hamburg is paired up with a home student buddy so that he or she can feel specially welcomed and comfortably settled into the new environment.

Technical University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt

Study at THWS’s Faculty of Business Administration and Economics.

THWS's Bachelor’s in International Management program is fully taught in English and offers unique courses such as Event Management and Business Ethics, and also more technical ones like Accounting and Law & Taxation. The city of Würzburg is the center of Germany's wine country, and wine-lovers of drinking age from Yamanashi will find themselves right at home.


University College Utrecht

A truly cosmopolitan and excellent school to study in the Netherlands.

Located in Utrecht, a city famous for education, 50% of University College Utrecht's student body comes from abroad. Every day is an opportunity for international exchange!

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, School of Economics and Management

A mammoth university with a wide network in central Europe.

The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, School of Economics and Management has many programs stressing applied science and a reputation for high quality in professional legal education. It is located in Amsterdam, a city thick with first-class museums such as The Van Gogh Museum, The Hermitage Amsterdam, and The Anne Frank House.

Erasmus University College

Top-rated liberal arts program in the heart of a multicultural European metropolis

EUC is a liberal arts college within Erasmus University Rotterdam, which is often positioned in the top 3% for world university rankings. The campus is a beautifully restored red brick building of a former library situated in the heart of Rotterdam, which has great connections to other European countries, such as Brussels, Paris and London.


Ghent University, Faculty of Arts & Philosophy, Faculty of Political & Social Sciences

The joy of studying at the best university in Belgium.

Founded by William I in 1817, Ghent University is the second highest-ranked university in Belgium, with excellent faculty that once included the Nobel Prize-winner Corneille Heymans (1938, Physiology). It was ranked 103rd globally by Times Higher Education in 2021.


Malmö Academy of Music, Lund University

A place for students to enrich and explore their musical skills.

Located in southern Sweden, the academy educates aspiring composers, musicians and music teachers as well as church musicians. An international and intense educational environment best suited for those focused on music.


University of Bergen

Interact with Norwegian students who speak English fluently.

The University of Bergen is located in Bergen, the second-largest city in Norway. Although located at sixty degrees’ north latitude, thanks to the Gulf Stream the winters are warm and the summers are cool, so one can enjoy a pleasant lifestyle.

UiT The Arctic University of Norway

Your chance to examine Japan from the world’s northernmost university!

Located 350km north of thec Arctic Circle, at eighty degrees’ north latitude, UiT The Arctic University of Norway was founded in 1972, and is the world's northernmost university where the aurora borealis is visible on campus and reindeer wander around the environs. With facilities like an aurora borealis observation post and the Tromso Museum, UiT The Arctic University of Norway is at present an international center for Arctic research.

Norwegian University of Science and Technology

A national university of science and technology representing Norway.

As suggested by its name, the curriculum at NTNU is centered on science education, but it is distinguished by also having many courses in the humanities and many courses taught in English. At the campus in Trondheim, the old capital of the Norwegian monarchy, there are 25,000 students studying in seven departments.

Volda University College

A national university famed for its studies in movies and animation.

This is a college surrounded by majestic mountains and fjords with 4,500 students and 120 international students, but it has more than three hundred courses and is particularly world famous for animation. Animation is of course something for which Japan is famous, so you can expect that students here will be interested in your experiences during your time at iCLA!


The American University of Rome

Study in English at a university located in the ancient city of Rome.

AUR is a beautiful university located in Rome with a highly international body with over 28 native languages spoken by students and faculty. Numerous local field trips and internship opportunities are available throughout the year, allowing you to get in touch not only with the people, but also with the language, culture and history of Rome and even Italy itself.


University of Malaga (UMA)

A large public university with over 35,000 undergraduate students.

UMA has two main campuses where most of the teaching takes place for the diverse curriculum that it offers. Undergraduate and graduate degrees include subject areas in Arts & Humanities, Business & Social Sciences, Language & Cultural, Medicine & Health, Engineering, and Science & Technology.


Sciences Po Lille

Study alongside France’s political and diplomatic elite.

Sciences Po Lille is one of the grandes ecoles (high-class professional institutions) focusing on political science, and one of the foremost universities in France. Besides building careers in business after graduation or continuing on to graduate school, many students go on to study at French national institutes of public policy.

IESEG School of Management

Study at one of the top business schools in France.

IESEG School of Management, with campuses in both Paris and Lille, is the largest private university in France in terms of both students and endowment. With access to two wonderful cities, you'll have the best of two worlds!

Les Facultés de l’Université Catholique de Lille

Study in the 2020 World Design Capital – a multicultural haven in Flemish France.

Lille Catholic University (UCL) is iCLA's 3rd partner in the bustling university city of Lille in Northern France, close to the country's border with Belgium. Whereas our two other Lille partners - Sciences Po and IESEG focus on political science and business respectively - exchange students to UCL can choose courses from a wide variety of majors.

Universite Catholique de l’Ouest

The most important city in medieval France – Angers.

The Catholic University of the West is one of iCLA's few partners that offers a homestay as an accommodation option during Study Abroad (no knowledge of French required)! UCO is well-regarded for CIDEF (the Centre of French as a Foreign Language), and welcomes many Japanese university students learning the language. The city of Angers is compact and residents get around on foot or by bicycle.


Vilnius University

A prestigious school where a Nobel Prize laureate in literature once studied.

Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania, the southernmost of the three Baltic States. Vilnius University is a national university with a history that reaches back to its founding in 1579. It is located in Vilnius Old Town, the entirety of which has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site.

LCC International University

An American style liberal arts university in central Europe.

LCC shares multiple similarities with iCLA, from academic offerings and intimate class sizes to on-site living with fellow schoolmates. One main (but positive) difference is that Klaipeda, where LCC is located, is on the shores of the Baltic Sea, so the town turns into a resort in the summer!

Mykolas Romeris University

Study at the geographical center of Europe.

Mykolas Romeris University’s Asian Center offers opportunities to be a student ambassador and educate the university community about Japanese culture and traditions. Erasmus+ Lithuanian state scholarships may be available for iCLA students (Fall departure only).


Tampere University of Applied Sciences

Study in Tampere, a city of nature and information technology.

With a population of 240,000, Tampere is the second largest city in Finland. With more than forty thousand students living there, it is also one of Finland's largest college towns. Public transportation is fast and convenient.


University of Rijeka

A university in Rijeka, located in Northwest Croatia.

Rijeka is the biggest port in Croatia and the third largest city in the country. This university is located in the rich, unspoiled countryside, so students can have fun and sophisticated after-school experiences in cafes along the beach. This is a rare opportunity to learn Croatian in a native environment.


Romanian-American University

A modern university located in the capital offering two undergraduate programs completely taught in English.

One of the most affordable European member countries in which to live, Romania boasts a vibrant capital with easy and quick access to nearby countries and historical sites. Many classes are taught by professors who come from the US.

West University of Timisoara

Study at a university that is part of the 5 members of the Universitaria Consortium (the group of elite Romanian universities)

West University of Timisoara is an accredited higher education institution located in Timisoara, the social, cultural, and economic center of western Romania, with emphasis placed on research, development, and innovation. Students can choose study in a range of areas from 11 different departments.


United States International University–Africa

iCLA’s sole partner on the African continent.

A study abroad experience at USIU – Africa is a chance to study an American curriculum similar to iCLA’s, but in a vastly different environment. USIU-Africa offers a program that is unique among iCLA’s partners - their BA in film production and directing. International students are given priority to stay on campus in a residence hall that is staffed 24/7 by hostel receptionists.


ADA University

A university in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan and formerly a small port town on the Caspian Sea.

Baku is now being reborn as the largest city in the Caucasus; it is second only to Dubai for its lightning-fast development. ADA University was originally founded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan to train specialists in diplomacy.


O.P. Jindal Global University

JGU is a non-profit university with its sights set on becoming more involved in the global scene.

JGU has 1:9 faculty-student ratio, resulting in a student-centered educational institution. The university is located in Delhi, India, and strives to connect with countries around the world as it works with other NGOS, national and international organizations.


Beijing Normal University – Hong Kong Baptist University United International College

Four-point education to transform teachers (college), students, family, and country (society).

UIC is the first full-scale education cooperation between Hong Kong and mainland China and has grown into a large, international university with more than 7000 students and faculty body of which its members come from more than 30 countries around the world. English is used as the medium language of instruction making it possible to accommodate the international presence at UIC.

Hong Kong

Lingnan University

A selective school in a competitive society and a prestigious school for the humanities in Hong Kong.

Founded in 1888, Lingnan University is a selective school even within the competitive environment of Hong Kong that has few educational institutions, with an extraordinarily low admission rate. The university has faculties in arts, business administration, and social sciences.

South Korea

The Catholic University of Korea

Study religion and philosophy in a Korean spiritual university.

The Catholic University of Korea (CUK) is a large multidisciplinary university with over 10,000 students. As a Catholic university, CUK has many courses deeply focused on religion and philosophy. Other courses on a wide range of Humanities and Natural Sciences are also offered.

Kyung Hee University

Study in a full-fledged Liberal Arts College in Seoul.

Located in the bustling city of Seoul, Kyung Hee houses one of the first full-fledged Liberal Arts colleges in Korea. With a curriculum mainly consisting of courses in Humanities such as History, Philosophy and Literature, the program has a strong emphasis on volunteer work and public service.

Myongji University

The center for practical humanism over the past half century

Myongji University is a private, Christian university founded in 1948 and provides higher education in the fields of engineering, sciences and humanities. The university has been a center for practical humanism over the past half century, and is operating various practical globalization programs.


College of Music, Mahidol University

A professional music school with over 8000 students aging from the age of 3 to over 80 years old.

The College of Music at Mahidol University is one of the leading and premier colleges in the region for comprehensive research. Students can choose undergraduate as well as graduate degrees in varying fields of music.

Thammasat University, Faculty of Political Science

Study in the heart of Bangkok’s Phra Nakhon District, just a walking distance from the Grand Palace!

Thammasat University is a public research university and is the second oldest university in Thailand, founded in 1934 as the fruit of the Siamese Revolution (1932). The Faculty of Political Science is one of the four founding faculties of the university and constituted the birth of the political studies in Thailand at the time of establishment.

King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL)

Located just minutes away from one of the coolest transportation hubs in the world, Suvarnabhumi Airport!

KMITL was founded in 1960 in Nonthaburi province as a telecommunications training center under the technical support of the Japanese government and became a public university in 1986 as an amalgamation of three technical colleges: Nondhaburi Institute of Telecommunications, North Bangkok Technical College and Thonburi Technical College.

The Philippines

University of the Philippines

Study in the most prestigious university in the Philippines.

Undergoing a massive reconstruction effort and program following World War II, University of Philippines is the premier state university of the tropical island nation. A mammoth university system with eight universities housing over 60,000 students and 17 campuses across the archipelago, the university has a vast selection of programs and courses for every concentration.

Ateneo de Manila University

A historical research university founded by the Society of Jesus in 1859.

Being the third oldest university in the Philippines, Ateneo is a coeducational institution and offers nearly the entire vertical of education - from elementary to graduate level. Studying at Ateneo is a great chance for you to become edified and take part in the university's mission of becoming a "light" for others around the world.


Taylor’s University

Modern and progressive, Taylor’s University offers world-class education.

As well as placing a great emphasis on academic achievements, Taylor's University is one of the first in Malaysia and in the region to offer recognition for students' extra-curricular activities through its 2nd Transcript in 2014. E-learning is also a great tool employed by the university to benefit learners around the world.

Universiti Malaya

Malaysia’s oldest and top-ranked university.

Established in 1905, Universiti Malaya has grown to become a leading center of academic excellence in Malaysia, offering 17 faculties and research centers across a broad spectrum of study areas including Malaysian Studies and Islamic Studies. A vast 373 hectare campus located in Kuala Lumpur metropolitan city offers state-of-the-art facilities and resources, fostering a vibrant student life.


BINUS University

BINUS University was the first university in Indonesia to obtain the ISO 9001 Certificate.

Teaching, research and community service are the three roles of higher education and areas in which BINUS University continuously strives to develop. The university also has an extensive list of partner universities in the region as well as other countries around the world.

Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY)

Located in Yogyakarta, home to Indonesia’s artistic and intellectual heritage

Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta is a private university in Yogyakarta under affiliation of Muhammadiyah, the second largest Islamic organization in Indonesia and was recognized as the 4th best university and the top private university in Indonesia in 2015.


National Chi Nan University

Located the highest above sea level of any Taiwanese national university.

A national university of Taiwan with four colleges: Humanities, Management, Science and Technology, and Education. In accordance with its mission, the university enrolls many overseas Chinese students from Hong Kong, Macao, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

National Taipei University

Recognized as one of the best universities in Taiwan.

The National Taipei University is a national university in Taiwan, founded in 1949, and has traditionally played a significant and pivotal role in educating and developing the mid- and high-level talents in the areas of law, business, public administration, as well as social sciences.


Curtin University

Study at a global university that is ranked in the top 1% of universities in the world.

Curtin University of Technology offers a strong variety of courses in the humanities, health sciences, resources, engineering and related sciences at both the graduate and undergraduate level. Students and faculty play an active role in regional communities and with the government.

Western Sydney University

Study at a university with new and modern classrooms, facilities, and unique study spaces.

Western Sydney University is a multi-campus university that includes 6 campuses found within the Greater Western region of Sydney and, among those, includes a large and sophisticated facility for researching the effects of climate change. Numerous undergraduate courses are available in a fairly board curriculum.

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