Student life

Student Support

iCLA Admin Office
Our main objective at the iCLA Admin Office is to support you during your time at iCLA.
You may encounter academic or non-academic obstacles during your experience as a student. We want to be the first point of contact should you encounter any difficulties.
The iCLA Admin Office has bilingual and multilingual staff to assist you with your inquiries, whether it be about course registration, fee payments, visa-related matters, or other administrative procedures. We also organize orientations and events to help you familiarize yourself with the student community.
Stop by our office to have a chat or contact us at:
iCLA Admin Office
Tel: 055-224-1350

Counseling Services
University life can be an exciting time, but it can also be challenging and stressful. Students can find the academic workload to be stressful, and may also experience socio-cultural, family and peer pressure. The iCLA Student Counseling Center (SCC) offers students the opportunity to explore these challenges within a confidential and supportive relationship and to constructively adapt the way they think, feel, and act so that they can make the most of their time at iCLA.

The iCLA Student Counseling Center sessions are conducted exclusively in the English language. Counseling services are offered in the Japanese language at the YGU Student Counseling Room located on the 3rd floor of the Campus Center.

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