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Career Support

Career Support

We assist students in building their career and preparing them for success.

iCLA’s Career Design courses aim to develop students’ abilities to meet the demands of the globalizing world and the current work place where the knowledge of liberal arts, English language competency, communication skill, and the understanding of cultural differences of people and organization are imperative. We provide students with an effective and practical career education expanding in three stages from Career Design 1 to Career Design 3.

These courses encompass the understanding of self, society, and the world of work, abilities, and skills required in the work place. All these skills and knowledge combined together make it possible for students to prepare for job search and career development. With these skills and mindsets, graduates of iCLA are expected to succeed in the global arena.

Career Design 1: Mandatory introductory course. Students can choose either CD1-J or CD1-E according to their language skills, interests, and concerns. CD1-J is suited for students with high Japanese language skills desiring to work in Japan after graduation. This course is available in both Japanese and English.

Career Design 2: Elective intermediate course. The main objective of this course is to learn about Japanese society and what is needed to work in Japan. This course is conducted only in Japanese.

Career Design 3: Elective advanced course. This course focuses on practice and drills for resume writing, tests for academic skill, and job interviews. This course is conducted only in Japanese.

Those who have high Japanese language skills and wish to work in Japan after graduation are recommended to take three of these Japanese courses in succession.

Skills You Will Develop

In the Career Design Courses, you will gain tools to help you discover your strengths and passions, and navigate your career path with confidence. You will learn practical skills such as how to write an Entry Sheet, prepare your Resume and online profile, and how to prepare for a job interview. You will have access to Career Guidance to help you focus, and Career Events to increase your opportunities. You will learn how to research the job market and individual companies, how the career calendar works in Japan, as well as how to test the waters through internships.

Career Prospects after Graduation

If you follow the strategies of good career design you will have more opportunities when you graduate. Broaden your awareness of industries and professions, as well as types of work that people do, and you will have a broader menu to choose from. You can expect to have not one, but several careers in your lifetime. A Liberal Arts education can develop skills such as communication, teamwork, perseverance, curiosity, and an ability to learn new things and solve problems, skills that are valued in a wide variety of professions.

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