The iCLA Faculty

The faculty at iCLA is a body of highly trained scholars hailing from countries around the world and who, in most cases, obtained advanced degrees from universities in countries outside their own nations of origin. iCLA faculty members are native speakers of many languages, with English as the shared language of instruction, research, and student support.

Dr. Darren Ashmore

Specialization: Japan Studies

Dr. Mike Blow

Specialization: Interdisciplinary Arts and Music

Tzumin Peter Chang (張 子旻), EdS

Specialization: Language Education

Dr. Koji Haraguchi

Specialization: Political Science

Jun Imaki, MPhil

Specialization: Japanese Language

Dr. Sanjay Jhingan

Specialization: Theoretical Astrophysics

Sumie Jasmine Kawakami, MA

Specialization: Political Science, Media, English as a Second Language

David Knudsen, MMus

Specialization: Music history, English as a Second Language

Dr. Mike Lacktorin

Specialization: Economics, Business

Dr. Rosario Laratta

Specialization: Political Science and Social Policy

Dr. Joseph Y Lian

Specialization: Economics

Dr. Jürgen Paul Melzer

Specialization: History

David Patrick O’Donnell, MA

Specialization: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

Mariko Okabe, MA

Specialization: Japanese language education, applied linguistics, educational technology

Dr. Vahid Rafieyan

Specialization: English

Dr. Kirby Record

Specialization: Language Arts

William Reed, MEd

Specialization: Samurai Culture, Aikido, Calligraphy, Nanba, Career Design

Dr Sam Stocker

Specialization: Art and Design

Hitoshi Suga, MBA

Specialization: Entrepreneurship, General Management, Japanese Economy and Business

Masahiro Toma, MA

Specialization: Japanese Language

Dr. Takashi Tsukamoto

Specialization: Political Science

Fukumi Genjima

Specialization: Career Development

Yoshitake Hanashiro, MA

Specialization: Japanese language

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