Dr. Clarence I-Zhuen Lee
Dr. Clarence I-Zhuen Lee

Specialization: History

Dr. Clarence I-Zhuen Lee


PhD, Cornell University
MA, Cornell University
BA (Hons), National University of Singapore

Current and Previous Academic Affiliations:

Associate Professor, International College of Liberal Arts, April 2023
Visiting Research Scholar, International Center for Japanese Studies, August 2022
Assistant Professor, University of Colorado-Boulder, August 2018
Visiting Researcher, Sophia University, February 2014


Clarence I-Zhuen Lee was born in Singapore. After completing his BA (Hons) in Japanese Studies at the National University of Singapore, he was admitted into the PhD program at Cornell University (Ithaca NY) where he focused on Early Modern Japanese Studies and Critical Postcolonial Theory. He completed his PhD in 2018, with the theme of his dissertation centering on the intersection between the Edo period Sinitic medico-practical knowledge and the nativist movement of kokugaku. Before his appointment at iCLA, Lee had served as an Assistant Professor of Japanese as well as the Director of Graduate Studies (Japanese) at the University of Colorado-Boulder.


Lee is a published author of several articles, reviews, and annotations in Japanese. He is currently part of an international team of scholars translating modern Japanese literary theory into English.