Language Learning & Acquisition Program (LLAP)

LLAP embraces two language programs and a language study facility.  The mission of LLAP is to provide ample and meaningful opportunities for students learning English and Japanese and ensure success in their language acquisition.

Japanese Language Program (JLP)

All iCLA international students are expected to be proficient in Japanese by the time they graduate. From their first year in our college, international students study Japanese, thus ensuring that by the time of their graduation, they will have the level needed to successfully pursue career opportunities in Japan, if they so choose.

International students can start from complete beginner level, with no prior knowledge of Japanese language necessary. The JLP program encompasses all components of the Japanese: language, reading, writing, speaking and listening, with an emphasis placed on practical use of the language.

Japanese language courses are divided into three levels: Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced. Elementary and Intermediate levels are further subdivided into three and two levels respectively. All international degree-seeking students are required to successfully complete Elementary Japanese 3 or have at least equivalent proficiency to it before they graduate. All courses are conducted in a small-class setting to ensure the utmost attention to each student.

JLP also offers unique and effective elective courses for students in upper intermediate and advanced level courses. These courses are to provide ample opportunities for students aiming to obtain N2 and/or N1 in the Japanese language proficiency Test (JLPT) as well as becoming socio-culturally and linguistically efficient Japanese language users. We strongly recommend all international students wishing to work in Japan or get a job requiring Japanese language skills to experience these upper level JLP courses.

English for Academic Excellence (EAE)

The EAE Program is primarily for Japanese students who need to develop their academic English ability prior to taking full courses in Liberal Arts. In some circumstances international students who are non-native English speakers may be admitted to the EAE Program. EAE provides the foundation for one of our most important goals: ensuring that non-native English students are prepared to actively engage with academic material and participate in learning experiences in English. Depending on their level of English on entry to iCLA, students generally attend the EAE program for either one or two semesters and provided they meet the required English language level within one year, are still able to graduate iCLA within four years.

The program is composed of EAE A (low-to-mid intermediate level) and EAE B (mid-to-higher intermediate level).  Both EAE A and EAE B consist of five core components and will also be closely integrated with the Self-Directed Practice course conducted in the Language Acquisition Center (the LAC). The five course components are: Reading/Writing, Writing/Reading, Listening/Speaking, Content-Based Learning, and Testing Practice. These courses are taught and evaluated independently of each other, but are closely connected in respect to materials, methods and course content. Some activities overlap two or more of the components but concentrate on different aspects of the language-learning process.

EAE is a “program,” and not just a collection of separate courses. EAE courses target low-to-mid and mid-high intermediate level students and will introduce the fundamentals of the English level with a focus on academic English. For this reason, course content is carefully selected to build not only English proficiency and functional academic ability, but also a knowledge base that students will need to succeed in the undergraduate program and study abroad year.

Students will be placed into sections based on their proficiency levels at the beginning of the course. This intensive course will consist of 10 75-minute classes per week. This is a homework intensive course, and students will be required to spend at least two hours on homework preparation and study for every scheduled class hour.

Language Acquisition Center (LAC)

The Language Acquisition Center (LAC) helps learners to develop foreign language abilities and to foster skills in autonomous learning, “learning how to learn”.  A facility equipped with language learning technologies, LAC enables students to study both English and Japanese. The center provides advising on autonomous learning for English learners from dedicated language learning advisors. LAC assists EAE students to get ready for liberal arts education communicated by English, and JLP student to deepen their Japanese language and prepare themselves for their targeted JLPT.