William Reed, MEd

Specialization: Samurai Culture, Aikido, Calligraphy, Nanba, Career Design

William Reed, MEd


8th Degree Black Belt in Aikido
10th-Dan in Shodo (Brush Calligraphy) and 7th-dan in Small Brush Calligraphy
Numerous Awards in national calligraphy competitions
Vice Chairman and Professor of the Japan Calligraphy Education Association
Master Teacher Rank in Nanba Jutsu (Art of Physical Finesse)
Certified Coach and bestselling author on World Class Speaking
Weekly Television and Radio Commentator in Yamanashi
Numerous Documentaries for NHK and Aizu150.com on Japanese Culture
Regular Columnist on Samurai Calligraphy for Gekkan Hiden and Kendo Nippon
Author of books on Japanese culture, and academic papers on Shodo and Kanji Culture
Recipient of Scottish Samurai Great Shogun Award (2018)
Director of the Japan Handmade Samurai Armor Instructors Association
B.A. in Japanese Language and Area Studies, Earlham College (1974)
Masters in Education from University of Missouri at Columbia (1977)

Current and Previous Academic Affiliations:

Professor at International College of Liberal Arts (iCLA) 2015~Present
Adjunct Professor at Toho Gakuen School of Music 2008~2012


William Reed is from the United States, but first came to Japan in 1972, and has lived in Japan for over 4 decades. Fully bilingual and highly accomplished in Aikido, Shodo, and Nanba, he teaches how to Master Body, Skill, and Mind in the Japanese Arts, and how to apply this to your daily life.

For the Renaissance Samurai, the ideal was Bunbu Ryodo, Mastery of Sword and Letters. The whole person was cultivated through the arts, philosophy, and training, which have many practical applications and benefits for us today. At iCLA you will meet and learn from a number of visiting Masters. Understand the Samurai Code and experience Samurai Culture. Master Shodo and Ink Painting through Calligraphy and Kanji Culture. Learn Aikido and Nanba to experience the essence of the martial arts and how to connect mind and body. In Career Design you can also learn how to gain clarity and harmony in your life and career path.

William Reed combines bilingual expertise in performing, teaching, and writing, with experience in media ranging from television to radio to print. His approach to teaching emphasizes moving from mystery to mastery, so that you can experience, present and perform what you have learned.

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