Disaster Prevention Workshop

Experts from the Kofu City Hall and the Disaster Prevention Safety Center visited Yamanashi Gakuin University to hold a Disaster Prevention Workshop. In this workshop, international students learned about safety protocols and preparedness for natural disasters.

As a special part of the session, the Disaster Prevention Safety Center brought in Yamanashi Prefecture’s only Earthquake Simulation Vehicle. The vehicle contains a room designed to simulate the shaking of an earthquake. International students experienced the feeling of a seismic intensity 7 earthquake. A seismic intensity 7 earthquake would be strong enough to cause severe building damage.

Then, experts from the Kofu City Disaster Risk Management & Education Division gave an informative lecture on earthquake preparedness. Students learned about the important measures they should take to minimize the damage of an earthquake in their own living space, as well as locations where help is available after a disastrous earthquake.

Participants also sampled dehydrated instant rice, a convenient product that is suitable for emergency supply kits. It can be prepared simply by adding hot or cold water straight into the packaging. For the final activity, students turned an everyday item such as newspaper into shoes.