Fall 2023 Graduation Ceremony

A big congratulations to our Graduates of Fall 2023!

On September 20, the Fall 2023 Graduation Ceremony was held in the Memorial Hall. Students were joined by their family and friends from within Japan and from overseas, as well as professors from iCLA to celebrate the milestone event. President Takako Aoyama congratulated students on their graduation and conferred the degrees to iCLA’s largest-ever graduating class.

After the Graduation Ceremony, Tea Party with Graduates was held in Student Lounge Y, where students and guests could relax and enjoy light snacks and beverages together.

We wish you all the best as you begin your new adventure as iCLA alumni and make your mark on the world!

iCLA Students pose with their graduation certificates after the Fall 2023 Graduation Ceremony
Fall 2023 Graduation Ceremony
iCLA students listen to speeches in the Fall 2023 Graduation Ceremony.

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