iCLA faculty/student interview video #1: What can you do with music…and what can music do for you?

In the first of a series of faculty/student interviews, iCLA Music professor Alexander Sigman and exchange student Sam Sernavski (Aalborg University/Denmark) discuss how studying and engaging in music can lead to a fulfilling life and career.

Filmed at Sakuraza, a long-standing venue in downtown Kofu presenting a diverse array of musical performances, the video also includes excerpts of Sigman & Sernavski’s rendition of American composer Earle Brown‘s seminal graphic score-based piece December 1952.

Their full performance of December 1952 may be viewed here:

P.S.: The year 1952 bears more significance to this video than the title and date of composition of the Earle Brown piece. Sam plays a 1952-model Fender Telecaster, and both William Reed (video director) and Naoki Saitoh (video editor and cameraman) were born in 1952! (As such, “1952 was a very good year” was the working title of the interview video.)