iCLA Students Participate in Judging for National Japanese Tea Awards 2023

38 iCLA students voted for the best tea across Japan in the Japanese Tea Awards 2023 (日本茶AWARD 2023) in an event organized with the iCLA Language Acquisition Center (LAC).

Tea instructors prepare tea at iCLA's Language Acquisition Center for the Japanese Tea Awards

The Japanese Tea Awards (日本茶AWARD 2023) gathers tea submissions from all over Japan to identify the ever-changing trends of tea. By using an inventive new evaluation method of combining specialist opinion and that of the average consumer, the contest brings out the unique charms of the tea submissions. The award also seeks to understand trends of consumer preferences, especially trends which are emerging among the younger generation. The contest celebrates its 10-year anniversary this year.

iCLA students participated in the Japanese Tea Awards 2023

Split into two groups, a total of 38 iCLA students participated in the judging of Japanese teas in the form of packaged beverages and freshly prepared teas. The teas were judged based on the taste, aroma, and overall general impression of each tea. At the end of 20 teas, students voted what they thought was their favorite tea.

In one group, 20 “Platinum Award”-winning teas carefully chosen from 538 tea submissions were served to students by professional tea instructors of the Nihoncha Instructor Association. The variety of teas encompassed a range of Japanese black tea, green tea, and Chinese tea. iCLA students tasted the 20 teas and noted down their favorite. The votes by iCLA students count towards the judgement of the first-place winner of the Japanese Tea Awards 2023. 

The winners of the Japanese Tea Awards 2023 in both categories have been announced by Japanese Tea Awards (日本茶AWARD 2023) in an awards ceremony held on November 25.

iCLA students can look forward to future events in the Language Acquisition Center which are informed through UNIPA and posters around the iCLA building.


Japanese Tea Awards (日本茶AWARD 2023)
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