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The iCLA Obento is a newsletter dedicated to highlighting the successes of iCLA’s community members, celebrating our unique backgrounds, and learning more about the members of iCLA’s community.

Obento means “lunch box” in Japanese. A typical Obento contains rice and a variety of dishes with an array of ingredients for a balanced and colorful meal. We think this image of the bento box represents the diverse members of our academic community in this harmonious bento box that is iCLA.

The first issue of iCLA Obento was published in June 2022 and is released twice per semester.

We hope you enjoy reading about iCLA’s bright students and wonderful faculty members in interviews, news articles, and feature pieces.

iCLA Obento Issue 8 Front

Issue 8
May 2024
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iCLA Obento Issue 7 Front

Issue 7
Dec 2023
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Issue 6
October 2023
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Issue 5
June 2023
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Issue 4
December 2022
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Issue 3
October 2022
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Issue 2
July 2022
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Issue 1
June 2022
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