Spray Paint Art Workshop

A Spray Paint Art Workshop was held in the Art Studio last week. In this workshop organized by professors Dr. Sam Stocker and Dr. Darren Ashmore, students created art with spray paint, stencils, and freehand painting on a sunny autumn day.

Spray Paint Art is a form of visual art using aerosol cans filled with paint to create artwork. The spray-paint can was invented in 1949, so it is a relatively recent art form that emerged from what was meant to be a means to paint radiators. Spray paint art continues to gain popularity today.

All students were welcome to drop by and experience spray paint art in individual pieces and a collaboration piece.

All the works made in this workshop are going to be displayed in the Winter Gala Art Exhibition on Friday, December 3.

Spray paint art workshop held outside of the iCLA Art Studio
iCLA students working with spray paint to make artwork
iCLA Professor and student
iCLA Professor working on artwork
iCLA student works with spray paint
Student holding spray paint artwork
Students holding their spray paint artwork
Student holding spray paint artwork
iCLA students collaborate on art project
iCLA professor instructs students on art project