Welcome Message from the Dean

Dean of iCLA, Dr. Sanjay Jhingan, warmly welcomes students to the Fall Semester 2020.

“On behalf of iCLA, I welcome all freshman joining the college and all seniors returning to the new academic semester.

iCLA has set high goals for students becoming bilingual, critical, and global thinkers. Our classroom offers us a sanctuary where we immerse ourselves in teaching and learning. This has changed as we temporarily shift from face to face to online classrooms.

 It is important to be mindful of the impact this transition has on the emotional and physical wellbeing of our students and our colleagues.

To this day I remember when my school in India was closed due to heat wave. There was no air conditioning, and fans made it even more difficult. Every night I would dream of going back to school, all the conversations I would have with my friends. That hope helped me get a sense of normalcy.

At this difficult time, faculty and administration are doing their utmost to extend every possible support to all students.

Our first semester of online classes provided new challenges, new learning opportunities, and many successes. The shift online has made us rethink traditional modes of instruction and lead us to innovate and improve our ways of teaching and learning.

Considering the safety of all our students, faculty, and staff, we will continue online classes for the Fall Semester. We continue striving to provide a rigorously high level of education to you all, in the safety of your home, whether abroad or within Japan.

In these unprecedented times I do see several rays of hope. Due to wide pandemic spread, the temporary change in the rhythm of machines has allowed many people to hear the heartbeat of planet for the first time. People in the developing world are breathing cleaner air. Never in the history of mankind have we seen such a synergetic effort to find a vaccine. A cure for everyone. In the days of isolation technology has kept us connected.  We must all continue to build upon these positives, working together for better global harmony.

To our new students, we look forward to meeting you and warmly welcome you to our community. And to our returning students, we welcome you back to iCLA.”