Yamanashi Gakuin Kindergarten Students Visit iCLA To Learn About Countries Around the World

Yamanashi Gakuin Kindergarten students visit iCLA.

On May 22nd, approximately 70 kindergarten students visited iCLA from the Yamanashi Gakuin Kindergarten! The children came to learn about the different cultures of the world from iCLA’s international students. The event was collaboratively planned between the Yamanashi Gakuin Kindergarten and iCLA’s Japanese Language Program’s Professor Jun Imaki.

iCLA international students give presentations about their home countries to Yamanashi Gakuin kindergartners.

International students warmly welcomed the excited children at the main entrance of the iCLA building and guided them to the rooftop, where the event took place. 25 iCLA students from 14 countries volunteered for the event: USA, Germany, Norway, Bulgaria, Mexico, Canada, Honduras, Colombia, India, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Indonesia. Using easy-to-understand photos, iCLA students introduced the culture and well-known symbols of their home countries to the curious children, such as traditional foods, clothing, animals, natural scenery, and so forth. It was a treasured opportunity for the children to meet people from around the world.

At the end of the event, iCLA students received origami koi fish folded by the kindergartners to show their appreciation.

iCLA receives visits from the iCLA Kindergarten annually for the children to learn about foreign cultures and to speak to international students. Every year, the event is a big hit with the children. Last year the event was held, the kindergartners learned about the United States, Argentina, Mexico, Spain, Azerbaijan, Australia, and South Africa.

The event began in 2016 when Professor Jun Imaki’s own daughter was attending kindergarten. Professor Imaki saw this as an educational opportunity for iCLA students to share their cultures and participate in the local school community, and a fun and effective way for children to broaden their perspectives on the world.

Professor Jun Imaki’s Faculty Profile