2019 Fall Semester Orientation Week


Welcome to iCLA!

Last week, we welcomed new students from all over the world and Japan to iCLA! Orientation Week helps new students make new friends, and learn more about iCLA, Japan, and Kofu City.

Orientation Week events are open to new degree seeking and exchange students.
A few examples of the events held over Orientation Week:


Move In

New students arrive at iCLA. The iCLA Admin Office members assist students to fill out necessary paperwork, then iCLA’s Student helpers show new students to their student accommodation.

Essential Info & Student Life Info Session

In this info session, students learn about the important rules of living in Japan, like student visas, physical and mental health matters, insurance and so forth. The Essential Info & Student Life Info Session is just one of the scheduled information sessions that happen over the week.

Campus & City Tour

iCLA’s Student Helpers show new students around the Yamanashi Gakuin University campus and Kofu through a scavenger hunt game. Students also learn about how to take the local train, as well as where important off-campus locations are, like the central train station, city hall, and so forth.

Lunch with Senpai

Senpai means “senior student” in Japanese. New students can sit with current iCLA students to get to know the community, as well as gain tips about student life in iCLA and Kofu over a casual lunch chat.

Welcome Mixer

The Dean and Associate Dean welcome iCLA’s new students, and kick off a new iCLA semester. The whole iCLA community is invited to the event, so students, professors, and staff mingle over icebreaker games and food.