March 2020 Graduation Day

Congratulations to the Graduates of Spring 2020!

We want to congratulate our graduates on this outstanding achievement. You have made it through countless sleepless nights writing essays and reading papers. Finally, you have reached the end of this arduous, but we hope satisfying, academic life event.

Although this graduation celebration has been a bit unconventional, it was a pleasure to see so many smiling faces. Best wishes from iCLA!

Calligraphy Card by Professor William Reed

A special farewell gift was also prepared for each graduate: a calligraphy card made by Professor William Reed. Professor Reed, who is a master of Japanese calligraphy, painted the Japanese kanji character 翔 (tobu) meaning to fly or soar like a bird. The card is made of handmade Yamanashi Washi paper.

You can watch Professor Reed’s explanation and message to graduates here: (English) (Japanese)

Photos from Graduation Day