Spring 2024 Graduation Ceremony

A warm congratulations to iCLA’s Graduates of Spring 2024!

iCLA's Spring 2024 Graduation Ceremony

On March 15, the Spring 2024 Graduation Ceremony was held in the Furuya Kinendo of the Yamanashi Gakuin University campus. In this joint ceremony, graduates from Yamanashi Gakuin University’s 5 faculties: International College of Liberal Arts, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Business Administration, Faculty of Health and Nutrition, and the Institute of Sports Science, as well as Graduate School of Social Science gathered to celebrate.

Students were joined by family and friends from all over Japan, as well as overseas. The ceremony was also attended by iCLA’s faculty members. President Takako Aoyama gave a speech in Japanese and English to congratulate students on their graduation milestone despite the challenges of the COVID-19 Pandemic soon after enrollment in 2020, and encouraged them in their journey forward. In the conferment of degrees, iCLA’s valedictorian received the degree from President Aoyama as a representative of the iCLA graduates.

We wish everyone all the best as you continue to flourish in everything you do, no matter where you are in the world!

iCLA's Spring 2024 Graduation Ceremony
iCLA's Spring 2024 Graduation Ceremony

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