Prof. William Reed Receives Shihan Certification in WAGI, A Health Method Based in Kyogen

Professor William Reed holds his Shihan certificate in WAGI, a health method based in Kyogen.

iCLA’s Professor William Reed has received a “Shihan” or master instructor certification in WAGI (和儀), a new health method created by freelance Kyogen practitioner Shigeyama Senzaburo, son and grandson of Kyogen performers and living national treasures, Yonsei and Sansei Shigeyama Sensaku. 

WAGI promotes health through practices based in the traditional theatrical art Kyogen which has existed for over 670 years. Through the main components of jiku (axis), tanden kokyu (diaphragmatic breathing), suriashi (sliding foot), kyogen warai (kyogen laugh), and voice projection, WAGI can improve one’s breathing, posture, and walking to consequently enhance energy, concentration, and physical and mental health.

WAGI shares commonalities with Nanba walking, which Prof. Reed holds Special Shihan Rank.

For example, jiku means axis or one’s center – a metaphorical line that is said to stretch from the top of the universe to the center of the skull and down through to the center of the earth. WAGI teaches how to discover the “center” of one’s body, which improves standing and walking posture, and body coordination.

WAGI is especially focused on improving the health and quality of life of elderly in Japan.

The main idea of WAGI is to “put more years in your life, but also more life in your years,” describes Prof. Reed. Young people can also benefit from WAGI to stay healthier, improve focus, and boost energy.

The training took a year and a half, and Prof. Reed is currently the 7th person to receive the certification.

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