Japan Studies Professor William Reed Featured on Gekkan Hiden

Hone your skills in Aikido with Iaido. Read about the harmony of these two martial arts in Gekkan Hiden (月刊秘伝)’s newest issue released on December 14th.

iCLA Japan Studies Professor William Reed Featured on Gekkan Hiden about Aikido and Iaido

iCLA’s Japan Studies Professor William Reed is an 8th-degree black belt in Aikido and the Chairman of the International Committee for Hogyokukai Mugairyu Iaido School of the Japanese Sword, as well as the Director of Yamanashi Prefecture Hogyokukai.

Passionate about teaching the martial art Aikido to both international students from all over the world and Japanese students, Professor Reed teaches the Health and Physical Education: Aikido workshop course at iCLA, a popular course offered both Spring and Fall Semester.

Reed is a regular columnist for Gekkan Hiden (月刊秘伝), a monthly magazine specializing in articles about Japanese martial arts. Reed’s newest article with Gekkan Hiden explores the fundamental commonalities between Iaido and Aikido and how practicing Iaido can better one’s understanding of the latter.

Iaido is the Japanese martial art of drawing the sword, which was practiced by samurai. Aikido draws inspiration from the sword, and understanding the origins of the movements through practicing Iaido can improve your Aikido, and vice versa.

The article is featured in Gekkan Hiden’s January 2022 issue released on December 14, 2021.

You can watch Gekkan Hiden’s video with Professor Reed introducing the concepts on Web Hiden (Japanese).

Watch the English Version here:

Web Hiden

Budo Japan The same publishers of Gekkan Hiden launched Budo Japan as a source of information about Japanese martial arts and culture for overseas fans. See Professor William Reed’s Samurai Shodo Series.

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