Fall 2023 Entrance Ceremony

Congratulations to our new students on their enrollment to Yamanashi Gakuin University!

iCLA students attend the Fall 2023 Entrance Ceremony in the YGU Memorial Hall

On September 1st, the Entrance Ceremony for Fall Semester 2023 entrants was held in the Yamanashi Gakuin University Memorial Hall. Joining the ceremony were family and friends, as well as faculty members. The event was held multilingual in Japanese, English, and Chinese. The ceremony commenced with speech from President Aoyama Takako, welcoming students to their new life at the university. President Aoyama encouraged students to remember the university’s principles of “Challenge to Change” and “Curiosity to Creativity” – student life will bring challenges and conflict but also opportunities for growth. The President then officially admitted the Fall 2023 entrants to Yamanashi Gakuin University.

Following the President’s official admission was a speech from the Student Representative chosen from iCLA, who shared advice on how to enjoy student life, but also how to overcome the hurdles that it may bring.

An iCLA Student holds the pamphlet for the Yamanashi Gakuin University Fall 2023 Entrance Ceremony
A student representative from iCLA makes a speech on the stage at the Yamanashi Gakuin University Fall 2023 Entrance Ceremony

We warmly welcome new students and wish them a wonderful start to their academic journey!