Samurai Artist Shimaguchi Tetsuro Interviews Professor William Reed

Professor William Reed talks Japanese culture, arts, and more with KAMUI founder and samurai artist, Shimaguchi Tetsuro.

iCLA’s Japan Studies Professor William Reed joins Shimaguchi Tetsuro in the multi-episode interview series on YouTube, “WA no Wa: Renaissance Samurai William Reed”!

This is a 5-part series, which a new video is released every Friday at 18:00 (JST).

Watch all the episodes here:

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Shimaguchi Tetsuro is well known for his work as the choreographer of Director Quentin Tarantino’s film KILL BILL Vol.1, and as the founder of the performing group, KAMUI.

The WA no Wa series focuses on the history, culture, traditions, and way of thought in Japan, inviting professionals of the field to interviews with Shimaguchi Tetsuro.

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