iCLA’s Summer Gala 2021

See highlights from iCLA’s Gala event!

iCLA’s Gala event was held on campus last Friday. The event featured great performances and creative artwork from students and faculty members.
Dance and music performances were held at Stage 21 in front of the Campus Center, and the Art Exhibition was held in the iCLA lobby.
Many of last year’s events were canceled due to COVID-19, but this month students were able to enjoy the usual exciting festivities held on campus.

See highlights from our previous Winter Gala 2019.


Photos from iCLA’s Gala 2021:

Summer Gala 2021 Poster Summer Gala 2021 Poster

International Student from Vietnam singing on stage

Student band playing music on stage

Japanese student playing guitar on stageInternational Student operating mixer for concert

Japanese students dancing on stage

Japanese student in cosplay playing keyboard pianoPainting of Girl in Art ExhibitionStudents trying interactive art piece at iCLA Gala

Painting of bird in art exhibitionLarge paintings in art exhibition at iCLA Gala

Interactive Art Project in Art Exhibition at iCLA Gala