Dr. Joseph Y Lian

Specialization: Economics

Dr. Joseph Y Lian


PhD (Econ), University of Minnesota
BA (Math, magna cum laude), Carleton College, Minnesota

Previous Academic Affiliations:

Akita International University
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
University of California – Riverside
Tulane University


Professor Lian sees liberal arts as an attitude towards learning as much as a compendium of things to learn. Liberal arts arose in ancient Greece originally as “the kind of learning that befitted the free man”. As members of democratic polities, the free men of ancient Greece had to learn the skills of governance – oratory, critical thinking, history, politics, ethics and mathematics. These academic disciplines still largely define the contents of liberal arts teaching today. Most of these subjects are also taught in non-democratic or authoritarian societies, the important difference being, of course, whether one can approach these studies as free men and women.